Thursday, December 25, 2008

Congratulations Little Caliph

When my wife was pregnant with our first child, I always pray to Allah that preferably let the first one be a boy , I’ve my own reasons, we continuously recited Surah Yusuf and Surah Luqman as taught by Islam.

Nabi Yusuf was the most handsome man on earth...everybody knows the story of Siti Zulaikha who was attracted to Nabi Yusuf and then managed to frame Nabi Yusuf until Nabi Yusuf went to jail. Luqman Hakim has been mentioned in the Quran as an intelligent and wise man. Some of his famous reminder to his son:

"Hai anakku! ketahuilah sesungguhnya dunia laksana lautan yang dalam, banyak manusia yang karam kedalamnya. Kalau engkau ingin selamat, supaya jangan karam, layarilah dia dengan sampan yang bernama taqwa, isinya ialah iman dan layarnya ialah tawakal kepada Allah"

"Makanlah makananmu bersama-sama dengan orang-orang yang bertaqwa kepada Allah,rundingkanlah urusanmu kepada alim ulama' (dengan cara minta nasihat kepadanya)"

Alhamdulillah, on 21/03/02, my son was born weighing 3.64 kg via operation due to his full breach position…obviously that moment was one of the happiest moment in my life....he came out from his mother’ in perfect condition....We wished that our newly born grow up as a leader …..and thus be named Amirul ….like the one called Amirul Mukminin – The Leader of Kaum Mukminin… wife who likes the alphabet Z so we managed to find Zharif in arabic means cerdik……. Hakimi – means bijaksana…So bammm !!! there you are “Pemimpin yg. Cerdik dan bijaksana “

Zharif 8 months old

After Zharif was born, we nurtured him, and taught him the best of our abilities…. We exposed him to the knowledge of this world and thereafter…we let his ear to be familiar with zikrullah , Asmaul Husna, Sifat 20 , Solawat and etc…. however I knew that he is going to stay with his mummy in JB and I’m struggling in Cameron Highlands alone…..I have no choice….I’ve been a weekend husband for 3.5 years…normally on Friday after work, I will depart from Tapah and joined PLUS highway to drive for another 515 km towards Johor Bahru ….Sunday night I’ll be rushing back with another 515 km…..sometimes I used the service of a pilot….Konsortium Express or Langkawi Express that travels daily from Ipoh to Singapore and stop in Tapah….. but when Zhariff started to talk and Qistina was born I told myself …what am I doing all this while....we work for what ? for family ..I must do something to stay as a proper family....

We’ve sent him to Tadika Mayang at the age of 3, this Tadika was just behind our house, it is a Chinese Tadika, Yes he learnt a liite bit of Mandarin,their homework also quite heavy....other than that he also attended the annual concert...

3 Yrs old at Tadika Mayang

Back stage_Preparation for the annual concert

Prince...I would like to dance with you.....

Princess : Ok...This's my Prince Charming...nobody disturb..

Just pretend nothing happen between us...

When we moved to Subang Bestari, he’s off to Little Khalifah when he was 4….and now at the age of 6 he has already graduated......I was thinking the other day how fast these past 6 years had gone and in the blink of an eye…..bammmm !!! he’s a mini graduate…..ready and qualified to go to primary school……Congratulations my son,Little Caliph....The sad thing is I was in Dubai when Zhariff graduated from the kindergarten.

Doesn’t he look so adorable in this picture?

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