Monday, July 7, 2008


It's all about superhero...I love superheroes...Spiderman,Superman, Ultraman...not Batman or Kluang favourite is yet to be filmed...wait until I get the right producer ..of course not itu David Malaysia favourite all time super hero is Ice-Man...those days when Spiderman has friends..the amazing of them is cool (dah ler cold) with can just freeze anything you like....okay... okay... enough of the let's move on to another fantasy...I like Will Smith ..I enjoyed his movies especially in MIB, Bad Boys, ID4 and of course I'm the far his acting in I'm the Legend is the best for this film, Hancock is a frustrated kind of hero...full of conflict and sarcastism...but when it comes to the comedy part.. I really enjoy it ..that's the strength of Will to mix up humour and action pack...the sound effect is good man...the part when he quarreled with that guy wife, Charlize Theron also entertaining...overall can give 6.5/10 la

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